Marim + Ronnie:: Lynnwood Convention Center

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Marim waved the American flag at the reception like she had won the Miss America pageant and paid tribute to the national anthem.  Just one more thing that confirmed to Ronnie that Marim was the perfect wife for him.  After their honeymoon and some paperwork, Marim will say goodbye to the American flag and live in Canada where Ronnie resides. 
As we arrived at Ronnie’s hotel, he and a few groomsmen were in good spirits and in the process of getting ready to get ready!  As Pandora played in the background a Taylor Swift song shuffled into the mix.  Before we knew it the guys were singing along belting out EVERY SINGLE lyric…perfectly timed and almost on pitch.  As the guys bantered in the background,  Ronnie’s brother Martin assisted him with his suit and bowtie.  He was ready to get this show on the road!
We headed to Marim’s Aunts house where she was going to get dressed.  Marim and Ronnie were desperately trying  to have the wedding start at noon sharp.  With Marim running a bit behind, she flew into the house and before we knew it the dress was on and the girls were helping her with her shoes.  Of course it never really happens quite that fast, taking a moment or two for Marim’s mom to breathe in that her daughter was getting married!  Marim looked stunning…her makeup was flawless and as she glanced up with those big brown eyes you could tell she was incredibly happy!  After a moment to herself she checked the time and realized they needed to be on their way!

Marim and Ronnie had  Bishop Aghathon fly in special to perform their ceremony.   It was a blessing that he was able to make this happen with such a short window in the day. 
I have to say I love these ceremonies.  There are so many rituals happening all the way through.  Rings, robes, incense, crown, oil, blessings… I can’t always understand everything being said however you can see the tradition and importance unfold and I am fortunate to literally have a front row seat.  I feel blessed that they have entrusted me to do this.  The people, the culture, the energy…it’s awesome.
As the ceremony ended and the procession left the alter they gathered in the foyer to greet all of the guests prior to leaving for photos.
With the ceremony being at noon we didn’t do a first look and kept the day more traditional with their first look being at the alter.  After the receiving line we left to a random field (yep, a field) for photos.  There was some buzz as Marim and Ronnie left the church about everyone ‘starving’…concerns of when they were going to get to eat were flying around the limo…sooo my awesome hubby stopped at Jack n’ the Box.   Jack n’ the Box didn’t know what to do with such a huge order.  ‘How many cheeseburgers do you want?’  ‘Are you sure?!’  As we got to the field Bob displayed the array of burgers and fries and a picnic was enjoyed by all!  Never hurts to buy a little good will especially when the ladies are having to navigate a bumpy wet field in stilettos! 
We had many honks and a shout out from the local police over his car loud speaker congratulating the couple.  Even my pastor and his wife recognized us shooting in my random selection of backgrounds.  It was the perfect afternoon, dodging the rain until we hit the reception at the Lynnwood Convention Center! 

As the grand entrance started the couple entered the dance floor and immediately were surrounded by their bridal party and a celebratory dance.  One thing the Egyptian crowd knows how to do is DANCE. 
Dinner was served and toasts began.  Hearing the stories of these two from Marim’s brother, maid of honor, and best man, you knew they were together for a reason.  They are simply happy, content and supported by MANY!   Marim and Ronnie really compliment each other.  Although there were little moments of stress they didn’t get derailed by it.  Marim’s laugh keeps Ronnie smiling and their easy going nature is going to serve them well between immigration and marriage!
After cutting the cake made by Mikes Amazing Cakes, throwing the bouquet from Flora D'Amore and tossing the garter Ronnie had no problem finding, dancing began!  And let me tell you, a drum, some ribbon, and a chair or two seem to be all you need for a good time.  Well a good DJ too!  The energy among the crowd was contagious and inviting.  

The dance floor is consistently packed…like jam packed!  As they lifted Marim and Ronnie up in chairs they screamed with excitement.  Dancing around them in circles and everyone taking a turn in the middle to show off their dance moves is always fun to see!   Missy (my second shooter)  and I took turns trying to infiltrate their circle of compact dancing…the vibe is so amazing it’s hard to not just want to throw the camera down and join in….and sometimes we do!
We snuck out to get a few final photos with this special floor they have at the convention center.  With its ever changing color Marim really wanted to catch it when it was in the rainbow mode.  It was hilarious every time they stepped on the floor the lights went white.  They would step off and it would turn  blue, green, red, pink, then finally rainbow, so they would run onto the floor but just as they  would hop on, BAM…white again.  Finally we caught it at the right moment and tried to capture the essence of what it was. Marim and Ronnie, I see your love…it’s evident to those around you.  You not only love each other you really like and respect each other.  You are fun to be around and Marim your laugh is contagious.  I am sad to see you move, however as a Canadian, I can appreciate that you want to move to Canada and have chosen a fellow Canadian as your husband.   I know Canada and Ronnie will take good care of you.

I hope you have had a fabulous time soaking up the sun in the D.R.   Much love Mr. & Mrs. Nobar!

*Special shout out to everyone enduring the terrain of the field and my entourage, Nancee, Missy & Bob for all of their assistance.



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Wedding Venue::  St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church 
Reception Venue:: Lynnwood Convention Center
Caterer::  Lynnwood Convention Center
Florist::  Flora D’Amore,  Chelsea Dudder-Cox
Cake Artist::  Mike’s Amazing Cakes
DJ::  Dj Drew
Videographer::  Seattle Wedding Videography, Mason Wheeler
Hair::  Abigail Salon, Mariam Riad
Makeup::  Carissa Owen
Wedding Gown::  David’s Bridal
Shoes:: Nordstrom
Bridesmaids Gowns::  Nordstrom
Suits:: Macy’s
Officiant:: Bishop Aghathon
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Melissia Millan





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