Megan+Logan:: A Snohomish Outdoor Wedding

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Earlier this year as I walked into one of the local restaurants I heard my name from across the room.  A group of women were sharing some wine and I happened to know a couple of them.    In particular two of them were from the bridal store, Laineemeg, just down the street.  We exchanged hellos and chest bumps, ok more like a light hug…and this is where I met one lovely ginger…Megan!   Now I am not sure if it counts but whether or not this girl is a true ginger doesn’t even matter…she is feisty…it’s contagious and I love it!  I didn’t see Megan again until May.  It was nearing the end of the Snohomish Wedding Tour when this gorgeous couple approached my booth.  They were talking about some kind of impromptu planned but not planned wedding.  Intrigued I definitely wanted to hear more.   
You see this couple lives a bit on the impromptu side.  Logan is a pilot and because they have flying privileges they often decide to go on vacation but wait to figure out the location until they are literally at the airport.  They get to the ticket counter and see where there is availability to fly to and BAM…they book it then!  Now that is some serious flexibility and the fact they both able to roll with it is a true test of their relationship.  They often find themselves booking hotels as they wait in the airport lounge prior to boarding.
As Megan was planning their wedding she thought, “Why would we do our wedding any different?”.   They had this idea that they would decide on the location of the ceremony about a half hour prior to everyone needing to be there.  They had a general idea they wanted it in a random field but the specifics were unknown.
The morning of their wedding started with rain…light rain, then heavy rain, sideways rain, then…no rain.   To be expected in October in Washington. a lot of people may or may not know, Snohomish is known for their Antique stores.  Rustic, vintage items, distressed wood, it’s a photographers dream and makes for a cute quaint vibe to the town.  Little did I realize Megan’s dad owns one of the most popular ones at the end of 1st Street.  The rusty tractor that sits right outside the storefront is a landmark for Snohomish.  Megan had decided to get dressed there and have their first look outside the store.  Logan getting ready next door at Megan’s childhood home didn’t have far to go to see Megan for the first time in her dress.  He waited for Megan to walk up to him and was in awe.  She looked ahhhhmazing.  That dress, her hair, those red lips and most of all, that smile.  
We did a few photos at the store then decided to take in some of the fall landscape around Snohomish.  I must admit not many brides put on rubber boots and say ‘yep wherever you want to go, let’s do it’…but Megan…she did.   They ran through trees and leaves, flowers and mounds of dirt, and endured random bouts of rain. was awesome and absolutely gorgeous!
Due to the weather they were still unsure where they should have their ceremony.  The sun was briefly peeking out through the array  of clouds so they decided they would keep the plan to have it outdoors at a friends vast garden.  It was perfect…a gorgeous garden with paths and flowers and even a Wedding Cake Tree.  I mean who doesn’t need a wedding cake tree at their ceremony.  
They had their closest 25 friends and family join them and one of their dearest friends, Marlene, perform the ceremony.  As 2 pm hit, so did the rain.  Marlene literally just started talking and their blessing of rain poured down.  It may have been the hardest downpour I have seen in a long time.  For the entire 15 minute ceremony rain bounced off everyones umbrellas.  Megan and Logan were not phased.  They exchanged vows and rings and put the umbrella down and sealed it all with a passionate kiss!  Needless to say they didn’t linger around too long after the ceremony.  They cracked some champagne and had a quick celebratory toast then we headed to the Everett train station for a few family photos. 
Later that evening they continued their celebration back at Megan’s dads antique store.  More friends and family joined in and lucky they did cause they had a desert bar to die for.  Donuts and cookies, cupcakes and Logan’s favorite, milk and those small boxes of cereal  you typically take camping.  
They toasted and danced and enjoyed a few shots of fireball here and there.  I love that even Megan’s grandma got on the dance floor!  Never too old to celebrate!! 

Congratulations…I love your adventurous nature, your willingness to be flexible, your love and zeal for life.  You two are contagious and I admire you! 
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Venue::  Antique Store   1st Street Snohomish
Wedding Coordinator::  Jen Purdom 
Bouquet::  Flowers By Tiffany
Dessert Bar::  Simply Sweet Cupcakes and Sweet and Savory Pie
DJ::  Otto Matic Mobile Music, Long Bui
Hair & Makeup:: Heidi Song,  Salon Zuberenz  & Denise Linares
Wedding Gown::  LaineeMeg Bridal 
Shoes:: Toms &  Rubber Boots
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Ashley Kesler, Bob Chambers


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