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I always love when a couple puts their faith in me for a location even if it comes with hesitation. These two bought my package at an auction supporting the Mill Creek Arts Department at Mill Creek Foursquare church. It's always fun to see who 'wins' these items at an event like that.
So when Kevin & Lisa arrived and I led them into a bunch of tall grass with pot holes and randomness, trepidation was their first reaction. They soon relaxed and started to have a little fun, laughing with & at each other. I enjoyed Lisas willingness to lead Kevin where he wasn't sure he should go. These two have endured a lot together and know the value of life & love.
After Lisa suffered a stroke in December of 2010 they realized it was time to savor some memories, renew their vows (a year later) and that included documenting this time with photos! What a reminder that life is short...take it in & enjoy the ones you love! 05.27.12