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She was 4 years old and the flower girl at my wedding. Now almost 19 Stephanie is all grown up. The funny thing is she has an uncanny resemblance to my current 4 year old, Heidi (probably more so when Steph is blonde but I think it’s in the eyes).
Stephanie decided to come visit for a month and see what life in the USA is like. Being from small town Saskatchewan it’s a bit of a change…well more than a bit…traffic, trees, people, oh and living with small children and a rat race schedule. Either way it’s life and it’s our life so WELCOME –enjoy the ride!
She is interested in photography so what better way than to be my model!! Of course I had big plans…the perfect location to frolic through the trees, finding the perfect log to lay on and shoot different angles, and the perfect amount of sunlight glistening off the branches. Um…sooo not perfect. We were running out of time (especially when dealing with kids and close to dinner time), the trees had tons of sticker bushes…so no frolicking….and rather than sun we got wind…like tornado wind (well maybe not quite but you would think by my kids reactions it was the biggest storm ever).
I also had high hopes of doing some portraits with my reflector and trying some ‘stuff’…so much for high hopes…we did the best we could with the weather, the tight location and the sticker bushes.
Situations like this continue to teach me that things don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to get the ‘perfect’ photo. To me these photos are perfect because we froze a moment. A moment of my girls with their cousin who is super special to me! I will always remember this time having Stephanie here…her soft heart, and those eyes.. .and of course I will remember Evas goofy laugh and Heidis serious nature!