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It's funny how life brings people together. My good friends know Janell and since Janell & I are both photographers, of course they said 'you should meet her'. Funny thing is shortly after...I did. Janell lives near Tacoma but her family lives up near Snohomish so we found some time and made coffee happen! What a joy to meet her. A REAL person...I know it seems obvious that she would be 'REAL' but I mean, genuine...honest and you can tell from the get go. It was great to meet her family a couple of weeks ago and see how they interact and love each other. With having a 6 month old, a 3 year old and her own business, Woodmoore Photography, Janell is doing her best to make time for it all!! Lucky for both of us we are blessed with super supportive husbands that help make it happen! I am so glad I have met this woman...a true gem and not to mention talented!! Thanks for having me do these photos for you- it was a pleasure!