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This family braved the Saskatchewan wind one mid April morning!! The Leblanc family just welcomed little Ade from Ethiopia only a few months ago. At 2 years old, he is like any other 2 year old...laughs, cries, likes to run and is teething!! He is so cute with his little scrunched up face he makes when he wonder they are all in love with him! Grandma & Grandpa are spoiling him, Uncle Jean-Guy is 'cool' with him, Auntie Danielle & Uncle Keith love to laugh with him and mom & dad (Rana & Yvan) are in the thick of this new thing called 'parenting'. Ade is one lucky boy as this family certainly LOVES him A LOT...but I think they would all agree that they are equally just as lucky to have him join their family!! It's a perfect fit! 04.16.11