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And the winner is...The VERGE Family!! You bid, you outbid, you get outbid all in the hopes of 'winning' something...that you still have to pay for! The auction thing is kind of a funny concept when you really think about it, but hey, when it's for a good cause and let's be real, it's FUN to bid and even "funner" to WIN!! Mill Creek 4 Square does an auction every April to raise funds for the Preschool & Childrens Ministry and I had the opportunity to donate a photo package...and now have had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family!! Emerson (isn't her hair gorgeous!?) & Elliott are sweet siblings with lively spirits and Greg & Carrie just roll right along enjoying every moment of it. I am so glad they 'won' and even more glad the weather cooperated so we could enjoy our time together!! Thank you for bidding and thank you for winning!! 10.01.11