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He noticed her for years…fell in love with her & that voice of hers! He was smitten but was sure he was being led on…so after professing his love for her but ‘knowing’ it was one sided he told her they should scale back their friendship and remain band mates. All she said “the feeling is mutual”…little did he realize, it was her way of professing her love back to him!
Fast forward two and a half years, through two breakups and much growth, Stephen proposed!! As the pastor read their story, from Stephens point of view (which can be read on their website) tears and laughter filled the sanctuary. These two are certainly meant to be. They love the Lord and each other, and it was evident the impact they have on people as 400+ friends & family came to support them on their big day. I can only describe it as ‘joyful’…a truly joyous occasion for one of the youngest couples I know…but somehow I know they will make it. 11.19.11