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They were married a year ago...followed up their wedding with a mountain snow session...this year we decided to do Theresa & Michael's anniversary photos in the place they had their first date, Seattle's Pike Place Market. We ventured out with their beautiful dog, Simon, and navigated the Seattle streets. I love all the color mixed in with random areas to catch these two! I also love shoots like this cause it forces me to find other nooks and crannies that I may not use if it wasn't a populated area.
We later headed to the Asian Art Museum. I have fallen in love with this place. No matter the time of day or season it breathes such beauty! Pair it with a gorgeous couple and BAM it's a stunner!
Happy 1st Anniversary Theresa & Michael. You are one of a kind. Gentle, loving, but very real and I admire that about you.
Thanks to Abbi Chambers (no relation but a sweet high school girl who I have come to love and assisted me for this shoot).
Another thanks to Timaree for hair and makeup and Seasonal Bounty for the headpiece. GORGEOUS!