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I first met Sarah last year after hearing from a friend how awesome she was as a Wedding & Event Planner. We met for coffee and seriously you would have thought we had known each other forever the way we sat and gabbed and have similar philosophies for running our businesses. I love the person she is, her happy nature and that she ropes me into doing things I would never normally volunteer for!!! So of course when she asked me to do their family photos I said 'ARE YOU SURE'?...ha...I said 'DUH...OF COURSE'! Her and Jay are very relaxed and it forced me to capture them in their true candidness...photographing 3 yr old twins will do that as well! I love the playfulness they exhibit and how it challenged me to capture who they truly are! Sarah owns EVENTful Moments Wedding & Event seriously you can 't go wrong hiring her! 11.01.13