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One day a month or so ago I received a call from a gal who really wanted to capture the essence of her family. The dilema being, the older kids are only here for a brief period of time, which made scheduling kind of tough...however we made it work and I was blessed to meet Mimi & Pete and their sweet family. It was a bright, sunny day and definitely a busy one for the Shurts family as it was also Kaelin's 3rd birthday. Connor, 6, is full of life & all boy, who definitely loves his older brother Torryn (whom I might add, didn't flinch the entire session...holding the same pose and smile that is talent)! Chivon, entering her senior year, is a beautiful young how could we not take a few extra frames for her senior portraits!? I loved seeing how the older kids loved so freely with the younger ones...lovely!! 06.26.11