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Sometimes in life we are blessed with friends that stick by you no matter what! That would be the Siemons family! We have been friends for 14 years...its amazing the gammit of life situations that can transpire in that time and how friendships grow and change!! The Siemons moved to Boise in August so when Christy & Rob asked me to come and do their family photos in their new city of course I jumped at the chance. We picked the perfect weekend, my birthday, and combined their photoshoot with a weekend of birthday celebrating!! We scouted a bit the day before their shoot but honestly when we went to the river the day of their session and I saw the light perfectly illuminating the scenery behind them I was in heaven!! It was the perfect spot to get Christy her 'Fall' photos she has been wanting. I love you guys...thank you for having me come visit!! 10.26.13