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School carpool line…so many things to say about that, how I don’t know much about it, still learning the rules and being told I have to circle around and around and…well around again. However for some, carpool line is where you meet…say that ‘special’ someone. That is what happened for Dom & Stephanie. Not looking for anything at all they found themselves at the same school, dropping off their children that were….yep the same age. Stephanie, in her car reading, looks up and sees someone at her window…and there stood Dom. Not sure if it was ‘love at first sight’ but it was certainly ‘love’ pretty fast as they were married a year ago and have been blending their family ever since. Life always seems to have it’s challenges but the finesse and realness in which they handle them is refreshing! Dom has known my husband Bob for 20+ years and I have to say we are better people for having Dom & Stephanie in our lives. I love to see how they have grown together and are truly happy! These are 3 lucky kids to have two people that love each other and them very much! 10.12.11