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A huge thank you to our wonderful friends...Pam & Sheldon Redpath, and daughters Eden & Olivia. They moved to London almost a year ago so how could we not pay a visit!? Not only is London full of culture, site-seeing, and shopping but it was fabulous to be able to catch up with a family that is just like that to us...FAMILY!! Pam took time to show us around to some local places, and direct us to the 'touristy' ones as well. Eden & Olivia were kind enough to share their 'space' with us...and Sheldon provided us with his sense of humor that ALWAYS keeps us laughing! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the time we had hanging out in the evenings. We sure love & appreciate you guys...hopefully we will see you more as you move back to least its a bit closer to the USA. 06.08.11