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Beautiful baby Quinn Jolie...8lbs 7oz 20” long…blessed her parents Jenny & Aaron by arriving on December 17th. I was so excited to meet Quinn as I had done Jennys’ maternity photos in October. Jenny & Aaron are settling nicely into parenthood, figuring out how to cope with little sleep and the many other things that come with having a newborn (like projectile poop) ;). I have to say Aaron is an amazing sound machine…I think he could make a recording of it and it worked like a charm on Miss Quinn!! “Big Brother” Toby joined in for a few photos, it’s always neat to see how dogs are so protective over these new babies who have just arrived!! Jennys’ birthday was on December 21st so how sentimental to have the stocking she went home from the hospital in and be able to use it for a few photos with Quinn in it!! Congratulations!! 12.23.11