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Barely getting any sleep the night before didn't stop Christina & Peter from enjoying the fullness of their wedding day.
Christina is all about details, details of life & love and knowing exactly how to make someone feel special. As Peter red the love note she wrote him, he was amazed how she had time to think of the smallest things! Peter, supportive and a solid guy has stuck with Christina through more than a lot experience in their first few years of marriage let alone dating.
The ceremony was one with many details and although I don't speak Arabic I may have learned a little that day.
The bridal party was super fun!! They made it easier to wrangle 24 people and you can tell they are all close friends! I am still working on memorizing all of their names.
Then came the dancing...a flash mob dance in the middle of the bride & grooms first dance, all choreographed by one of the Junior bridesmaids. I think it inspired the rest of the crowd cause seriously you couldn't get people off the dance floor. I love the way these Egyptians celebrate - energetically and all night! Congratulations Christina & Peter, I hope you had a fabulous Caribbean vacation and are loving married life. 07.14.12