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They went to the same high school and never even knew each other. College came and went and then randomly ended up meeting. With all the technology these days they ended up playing 'Words with Friends' and connecting via facebook and text. Michelle being the smart woman she is held her ground and made Shawn make the first move to text her and to set up their first 'date'. It didn't take long till he did just that and they met at Daniel's on Lake Union. What was only going to be short date turned into happy hour plus 6 more hours. Closing down the bar at Daniel's! Michelle didn't let on but it was then she knew he was someone she could be with long term. They laughed and had an instant connection. They both have great families and after dating 3 1/2 years they are ready to say 'I DO'.

We did their engagement session near Kerry Park. Walking, sitting, laughing about inappropriate topics...just how a session should be! Relaxed and fun. We ended up...yep you guessed Daniel's for a few photos in the marina and HAPPY HOUR! It was awesome to hear the differences in what they recall their first 'meeting' to be and how they relationship came to be. I think most credit goes to Shawn's sister who intervened in the first couple of months to ensure Shawn did not screw up an amazing thing! Shannon Whittier you did a great job cause now these two are gettin' hitched!
Can't wait for their January wedding!
THANKS to Timaree for hair and makeup! 04.25.16