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It was a dicey day and nothing short of risky being caught with the wedding gown in a tree as it began to downpour!! BUT...we made it through unscathed and with bits of sun making an appearance. AND the best part, Jourden and MIchael were married and it was a fantastic party!!
Can I just say HE adores couldn't keep his eyes off her adoring was beautiful and she took it all in and was loving every minute of it.
They have a cheerleading squad supporting them like I have never seen and a ton of toasts were made that for sure have officially welcomed them into each others families!!
Here is your teaser you two lovebirds, enjoy and more to come soon!!
Nature's Connection Place
Simply Sweet Cupcakes
Event Source NW - amazing MC & DJ's
Bekkah Puckett Makeup
Miranda McGuire Hair
Stadium Flowers Florist
Sweet Buffet Lady
Brooks Scribner 2nd photographer
Megan Ballard Assistant