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She had been toying with the idea of taking a break from online dating. She had just had knee surgery and wasn’t sure she was up for it. (But the dance scene wasn’t looking so promising considering her knee either). It was then Aaron’s profile caught her eye. I’m not sure who messaged who first but after realizing they both lived in Capitol Hill they setup a date.
Diana, being the strong, determined woman she is, concluded “I can walk, I mean it’s only a few blocks”. Deciding to meet at a local bar, The Saint, Diana was up for the ‘stroll’… little did she realize it was warm, and she may have underestimated the hills on Capitol Hill. As she approached The Saint, she wiped the sweat from her brow and thought ‘At least I can wait outside, cool off, and compose myself before going in’. But, Aaron being the gentleman he is, was eagerly waiting outside to greet her and make sure she arrived safely. Diana grinned and probably wished (for only that moment) that he wasn’t so kind…
They hit it off and in January on the top of a mountain in Hawaii at sunrise (cause Diana loves early mornings…) Aaron proposed! Despite the deafening wind, Aaron could read her lips and clearly she said YES!
Trying many of the local restaurants and taking late night wanderings together around Capitol Hill we thought it would be fun to do their engagement photos around that same area, starting with the first place they met. Diana used to live in an apartment with a first-rate city view…so of course we had to take advantage of that as well! We ended at Volunteer park and included their dog Penny. She maybe 8 but she is full of vibrant energy and keeps them smiling!
These two work hard and also take much needed time to relax. Aaron is a morning person that makes a mean cup of espresso, and in Diana’s words…said with a beaming smile… ‘like the smoooooth kind of coffee’. With that Diana is happy to order in or cook when she can. They seem like a flawless fit…definitely a perfect ‘match’!
I can’t wait for your September wedding…