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One day as I sat in church this blonde, hottie with a killer smile and big green eyes sauntered in. She glanced at me, my eyes met hers and from then on we were friends. Well I am not sure if that is really how it went but it kind of sounds good doesn’t it? I should remember how we met as Libby is a very impactful woman, however I don’t. I just know since I met her she has always been one of those people who you can just connect with. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 days, she gets to the heart of the matter and she just gets me.
We don’t talk often but when we do it’s like a home cooked meal. Full of substance, fulfilling and you wondered why you waited so long to indulge. Well between her moving to Sequim, life, kids and time flying by we randomly stay in touch but not often enough.
A couple of years ago after Libby moved to Sequim I would see these photos of her and special guy popping up on facebook. And when we would chat, Richard was the new topic of conversation. Come to find out Richard was one heck of a guy. Loving, handsome and quite the handy man. He also embraced Libby’s children immediately and seeing his connection with Libby I knew it wouldn’t be long before Richard would ask her to marry him.
Well that time finally came in March. Richard asked, and Libby was in shock, BUT of course she was ecstatic and said YES…now planning their August wedding at her mom’s orchard in Sequim, Libby is taking in all of this wedding ‘stuff’.
We decided to squeeze in some engagement photos (along with a few family snaps here and there) and let me tell you there is an ease about these two. Of course no one is super comfortable in front of the camera but these two embraced it and I love their love. They adore each other and Richard is so gentle and tender with Libby…it is wonderful to see my sweet friend so happy! Richard is patient and kind with her kids and I can tell him and Libby have a deep love. Of course reality hits once in a while but that is what I love about them…they tell you how it is yet know how to laugh in the midst of it. Something that often takes people a lifetime to figure out how to finesse.
Much love to you both…so fun to have an afternoon together!!
Can't wait for your wedding!!!!!!!