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When I first talked to Emily I thought she was sweet...then I met her in person...she oozes with kindness. She is gentle her demeanor is one that exudes peace!
Then I met if these two aren't a match no one is. He is as gentle as she is. Both extremely tender and incredibly loving to not only each other but everyone around them.
They said their 'I Do's' at the Inglewood Golf Club with so many people who love and adore them! It was the perfect day!
So much love...even the flowers were made with a special touch as her parents grew them in their own yard and Emily & her sister who own STEM Floral Design did all the floral arrangements themselves.
I can't wait to share more of their gorgeous day...
Here is a sneak peek for now!
Inglewood Golf And Country Club
La Belle Elaine's Bridal
Emerald City Sound
Nordstrom Downtown Seattle
STEM Floral Design
Shout out to the bride and bridesmaids who did their own hair and makeup!!
Brooks Scribner 2nd photographer
Megan Ballard assistant