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Depth...soul...that's what this girl has. Most mornings I actually leave my house at 4:30 to make it to my local coffee stand. Yes I love coffee and it's what gets me out of bed in the morning...but honestly this is the face that greets me most of those mornings. She is smart, funny, gorgeous but most of all real. Carissa has a depth to her that I appreciate. You can see almost to her soul through her beautiful eyes but only if you take the time. Of course it would be easy to just whip by the drive through window... but many a rainy, windy, stormy mornings we have shared more than just the exchange of coffee...she has let me in to a small part of herself..a 'window' of who she is...
Thank you Carissa for being open to are one strong woman and God is showing you the next steps to take. Whether we are certain or not, HE directs us we just have to be willing!
xoxoxo much love!