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She came along side me at a time I didn't know I needed someone else. Raising a family and have a husband that works full time and also second shoots with you places a lot of demand on a family. Brooks having a baby of her own found that second shooting for me here and there was a good fit and I couldn't agree more.
She is gentle and kind with an effortless beauty and I have come to love and appreciate her from my core!
Now let's just talk about her hubs...he adores her...and to be fair she adores him. It is beautiful and natural and again the word to describe them together is 'effortless'. They just work and are easy to be around and peaceful!
Then there is their daughter Viv...her name..Vivian serious could there be a cuter name? And she is darling. Smiley and full of laughter and giggles...absolutely contagious...
Together they are not the perfect family but a real family. One that lives and loves, with times of uncertainty and human-ness...and yet simply joyful!
Thank you for being real and genuine and all of your love and support in 2016...