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She met him through 2 very important and his sister. Laura and Tyler's sister, Chelsea, worked at Starbucks together. Chelsea, knowing her brother was single thought for sure it would be a perfect match. Shortly after introducing the two- they started dating...of course the dating got more serious and Tyler knew she was the one!!
After proposing in March and Laura saying YES they are now planning an October wedding.
We decided to take their photos around Snohomish finding a few new trails which may or may not have said 'no trespassing' :$
We ended their session on the side of the freeway near some really beautiful Spit-weeds. I honestly never knew what this stuff was until walking through it and researching what the heck it was.
They were such good sports enduring the passing by trucks honking and the random areas we chose to document their love :))
Can't wait for your fall wedding!