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I first met Leah at church, if you call watching her on the big screen telling us the upcoming weeks events at the church actually ‘meeting’. She did the Gold Creek News and was a celebrity within the church. I had heard of her but never officially met her. She has this demeanor…gentle, kind, caring, but fun…I mean look at that smile. So when she called requesting a special family session how could I say NO!?
Leah and Philip met a few years ago, she was working at Starbucks in Ohio and he walked through the door…she knew…he was for her. He knew…she was for him. Although both families were from Ohio, they decided to move out West and start their life together with Leahs 2 girls, Faith & Presley. Shortly after getting married, like in the same month, they found out Leah was pregnant with Aven. Now Aven is 9 months and they found themselves drawn back to Ohio. I feel so blessed that I got to know Leah and Philip although too brief. You can tell they are still ‘newlyweds’ but I have to say their love is contagious. Faith and Presley became fast friends of mine and I hope to be able to photograph this family again one day. We spent the morning in a field and the other time capturing some memories around a couple of Seattles landmarks. Now they forever have these images to remind them of their time in the PNW! Special thanks to Leahs dad for being my assitant and randomly participating in a few pics here and there! 04.27.13