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People come in and out of your life so unexpectedly and I am so glad this girl did.
I was photographing one of my first weddings and Timaree was the makeup artist. We clicked…she treats my clients like gold…we collab…she knows my face and can paint it like no other. Talented hardly covers it…maybe Talented AF..she deserves to have some letters after her name FO SHO!
And then there is her hubs…fun and funny…carefree and can sport an American Flag onesie…yep!! He works in the SEO / marketing industry David J Woodbury so hit him up if you are in need of those services!!
Their son is the best combo of the two of them and it was so fun to just let them be in front of the camera…just as they are!!
I adore you and am so thankful for you and all your insight and friendship.