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It was loud, and there was tons singing and dancing…Dakota spotted Tia across a packed crowd at a concert. They locked eyes and moved towards each other. No words were needed, simply enjoying the music and this new found attraction was enough.
The concert ended but their relationship was just beginning. They became fast friends and although very different they have come to appreciate each others hobbies. Dakota an arborist he has a love for the outdoors but that didn’t included horses until Tia came into his life. With Tia’s love for animals, mainly these bold, tall, statuesque horses, she has shown Dakota a side of them that he too has come to appreciate. It’s a beautiful blending of lives and they cannot wait to get married next June and ‘marry’ their likes and dislikes even more.
These two are gentle and sweet. Easy going and have a quiet kind of love. I saw such strength in Tia as she led her dark chocolate horse around the trail. Dakota looked on at her with admiration and I can see he embraces her talent and love for them.
We caught the sunset at their home in Woodinville and it was nice to see them in their own setting.
I love how you two are simply sweet and kind toward each other. I can’t wait to see the wedding details you come up with as your partner with EVENTful Moments as your wedding planner!