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There is nothing better than a wedding full of tradition, culture and fun people!! Marim and Ronnie had a traditional Coptic Orthodox ceremony at St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Lynnwood. They had a bishop fly in just to perform their ceremony so we managed to get everyone to the church on time and have it start at noon sharp!
After exiting the church to streamers...we headed to a field (some rough terrain I might add) for family and bridal party photos.
With everyone starving Jack n' the Box came to the rescue (well Bob did by hitting the drive through) and burgers were shared by all in the field! Jack n' the Box had never had an order quite that big! Who said you can't buy happiness...well this at least bought me some time and lessf 'hanger' smile emoticon
Everyone had great attitudes as they navigated around the field and we enjoyed an amazing day admist a week full of rain! As 'Congratulations' were yelled from random cars as they drove by Marim & Ronnie enjoyed a few moments savoring their new title as husband and wife. As we were leaving a police car drove by and congratulated them over his car speaker! It for sure felt official now!
We headed to the Lynnwood Convention Center for the reception and a vibrant party. They always have the best crowd for dancing!
I have had the pleasure of photographing a couple of Egyptian weddings every year since I have started and I love them! My couples, the guests and everything that goes along with these festivities...Congratulations Marim & Ronnie you are the sweetest...hope the honeymoon and Ronnie's surprise groom gift is amazing!
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Thanks to::
St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church of Seattle Youth Group
Lynnwood Convention Center
Samantha LeSesne - Wedding Coordinator
Ryan Graves, Seattle Wedding Videography
Mason Wheeler (such a pleasure working with you)
Flora D' Amore Floral Artistry Chelsea Dudder-Cox
Mike's Amazing Cakes
DJ Drew
Abigail Salon Mariam Riad
Carissa Owen - Makeup
Bishop Aghathon
Second Photographer:: Melissia Millan
Third Photographer:: Bob Chambers
Assistant:: Nancee Winslow