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October can't come fast enough for these two. October 2nd to be exact! They will be tying the knot at the Monte Cristo!
With Briannah working at her uncles jewelery store, Drew knew the best place to scope out a ring for her! WOW what a rock!
Marci Jeweler

A year ago March 8th Drew proposed, so to celebrate they spent the weekend at the Willows Lodge where he popped the question. We (I say 'we' as if to say I spent the weekend with them...ummm no) however they started their weekend with their engagement session. Although the wind was rather chilly it provided the 'fan' look for Briannah and she embraced it. These two are absolutely smitten with each other and incredibly positive to be around.
Thank you for braving the weather and being willing to deal with rain if necessary. We lucked out and you two deserve nothing but the best.
Thank you for trusting me!