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I swear I learn something new every session...and Biancas' was no different. This girl loves to read and is an avid vaulter. Training and competing all over the country. I didn't know much about vaulting till last night and wow I must say it's a skill and talent I don't have. Not to mention the connection she has with her horse 'Josh'. They look out for each other and have a trust I can't say I have really seen before until last night.
They have an amazing yard and the golden evening sun peaked over the tops of the trees just at the right time!!
Bianca is easy to be around. She has a little giggle in her laugh that is contagious and put up with crawling on broken logs and cracking timbers...not to mention enduring some bugs!! This girls got it!
All the will go far with as much drive as you posess!!!
I have to give a shoutout to Timaree always worth having the girls hair and makeup looks flawless and it makes them feel beautiful. Thank you for your talent!