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It was midnight and she hung out in our kitchen for almost an hour after we returned home from our datenight.
She was beaming as she told us stories about her evening with my girls. Little things they did, and said, amazed about their personalities and how much they have changed in the past year.
I have known Abbi for years...
This girl...she has grown into a creative, smart, beautiful, loving, caring, driven, funny, kind...and those are only a few words to describe her.
She has assisted me on photoshoots, shared her life with me...and not only babysat my girls but has loved them.
Yesterday Timaree Rae did her hair and makeup and as we left to start her photoshoot she was in awe of how good she felt. How being pampered made her feel confident. We found a few areas to photograph in that allowed Abbi to just be her. I think even the chilly river water brought out a playful side of her!
To hear her words after her shoot about how good she felt, how confident she was and how much fun she had was music to my ears. It's what I and Abbi you are full of life.
I sure love ya! xo