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They work at different Fred Meyer stores but there was this one day they happened to be at the same store…it was like a scene from the Notebook…except no rain, and not outdoors but in the store in an aisle…kinda the same – Right!?? Either way it was how they met. They became fast friends and then Amada asked Chris if he wanted to go to Paris. First of all who says ‘NO’ to that…and second they weren’t even officially dating yet…hmmmm. Well Chris is smart enough to know that Paris is a pretty killer spot to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.
Since then they have been inseparable!! Asking Amada what she loves the most about Chris she had more than just a one word answer and it was inspiring. She said he is free with her. He laughs so open and free and since he wasn’t well traveled she loved seeing things through his eyes…fresh and uninhibited. She also shared it has made her more carefree as well. She can relax and be herself and not worry about people around her. I love that!!
Too often we are so affected by those around us. Not these two…they are in their own world…LOVE it…and congrats!!