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It was a coffee date, just a short meeting to see if they were interested. When Tom saw Darcy he lit up…a bit nervous he knew she was different…he knew this could be different! It didn’t take Darcy long to feel the same. Only a few dates in and without saying it, they knew!
They had been waiting a long time to find this kind of love. Almost ready to give up Darcy thought ‘one more date can’t hurt’…sure enough it was Tom! Lucky she persevered.
Proposing in Maui in January, Darcy was expecting it, yet Tom managed to surprise her. No small feat these days! They have since been planning their June wedding and couldn’t be more excited.
With Darcy losing her Dad suddenly last month, Tom has been her rock and him being ‘right’ for her has never so evident! She loves his cooking, he loves her laugh (she does have a great laugh).
They trusted me with their location finding some woods and other places up north near Mountain Loop Hwy. It was dry with random flakes of snow falling which provided such a pretty dusting on the bare ground. They have a fresh and easy kind of love…and Tom did a great job trying to keep her warm. They brought one of their kids Oliver, (her dog) and decided to leave Tofu (his cat) at home. They maybe fur babies but they certainly have personalities. Oliver wanted to be in most of the pics, not shying away and Tom had many stories of how Tofu talks a lot…so there really are talking cats!
Watching Tom adore Darcy, and seeing Darcy’s respect for Tom as they each had moments of gazing at each other was incredibly sweet. I first met Darcy at the Pro Club and always knew she would find someone equally as fantastic as she is!
Thankful to share in this special time with them…and can’t wait for their wedding at Delille Cellars.