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Easy, breezy and beautiful...that would describe these two. Both friends and family spoke of Kailey as the laid back daughter (of 3) in the Hazard family...and Statton's friends joked about he is the kindest OCD man they have ever met.
Together they not only are a perfect match but compliment each other exactly where needed.
It was a hot day at Carleton Farm so keeping everyone hydrated and cool was a task. Watching as Statton cared for Kailey during the photos was sweet and a testiment to their relationship both now and for the future.
These two not only love one another but absolutely adore each other.
I feel so blessed to meet such genuine people like this and Kailey & Statton you are gracious and kind like no other!
I hope you are enjoying Maui and more pics to come soon.
Tons of love xx
Thanks to the vendors::
Carleton Farm
Flowers by Tiffany
Mike's Amazing Cakes
Sarah Elliott - wedding coordinator/friend
DJ Anashul
J&L BBQ Karen
Bellevue Bridal Boutique
Men's Wearhouse
Nordstrom Downtown Seattle
Brooks Scribner 2nd photographer
Megan Ballard assistant