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3 1/2 years have already come and gone since my sweet friends moved from Seattle to Boise...they have made new friends, added a family member (cute, fluffy Daisy) and shifted from what was a rental house into their, for now, 'permanent' HOME.
Rob & Christy's twins are the same age as my oldest and it's been such a gift to be randomly interjected into their lives and watch how they have matured and interpret life. Simply being boys, but also watching their personalities unfold as they converse with me and each other.
We started their session documenting them at home. Laughing, drinking coffee, cuddling and rocking Daisy...the baby girl of the family (something Rob promised he would NEVER do)...and now I have it on 'film'.
Of course life isn't always this laid back for them..with 3 boys in multiple sports, both parents working, and hey just trying to live's rare they get to just BE together on the couch. What isn't rare are the boys laughing and jumping around, smothering Daisy with love!

I love this family and it's such a privilege to not only catch some moments in between the crazy...but to have a friendship with them that is comfortable, open and vulnerable.