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This family is what life is about…realizing what is important. Hugging and holding your loved ones close.
As Heather started chemo last Friday it’s nice to know she has some memories to look at during treatment. Although her energy is limited, we met up the week prior to her starting chemo and everyone was energized by the sun. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and watching Heather savor her gorgeous family was sobering and inspiring. There is a sweet tenderness among this group. Smiles that would turn to tears then back to smiles within seconds…and an optimism that is contagious. They are gentle with each other and Tom is very quick to tend to Heather if needed.
Heather’s smile lights up a room and what makes her smile is her family. They are clearly her everything…thank you for sharing your time, story and energy with me. What an honor to hear all you are going through and about to face. You are strong and brave and I can see how much your children look up to you. Much love and many prayers!