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ner of NEST Interior Designs) did the majority of the decor. Of course so many people helped to execute the Harry Potter inspired vision Laura had.
Laura & Tyler decided on a candlelight ceremony which I must admit was different for us to photograph but ended up to be so romantic and peaceful...kind of like the two of them. They have a quiet love that is very gentle and compassionate.
The bridal party filled the area with laughter and love and as the night ended up you could tell how much this couple was adored.
It turned out to be the best day and I am so honored to have witnessed it!!
More to come...
Black Diamond Gardens
Danielle Erickson - florals and decor
Coordinator - Emma Wehmann
Sorrida Salon - hair and makeup
Best Made Videos Reid Johnson
KandF Catering Francisco Meza
Vintage Ambiance
Seattle Farm Tables
CORT Party Rental
Bob Chambers 2nd photographer