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Sometimes we meet in unlikely ways through unlikely people. That is part of Chris and Tina’s story. Meeting over six years ago and now dating for over 2- things have certainly progressed to a place of knowing that forever was the next step.
With Tina having a daughter, Bella, who is her sidekick and main priority it was important that her soul mate felt the same way. With Bella calling Chris ‘Dad’…she knew it was for sure the right person for her! Chris popped the question on February 13th, 2016 he also gave Bella a special ring on Valentine’s day to let her know he was also including her in this major life decision!

They have never had photos together let alone family photos so we took this opportunity to get them comfortable in front of the camera and make sure Bella had some fun as well.
I don’t often take my kids on my shoots these days, however with having my own 11 year old I thought there may be a chance that Bella and Eva would hit it off. I must admit Eva was a bit nervous (a sign she is now entering the tween years and insecurity starts to set in)…we talked about the worst case scenario and also the best case…what if this is an ‘opportunity’, a way to be a blessing and maybe even be blessed as a result.
We arrived and Chris and Tina were all smiles. A bit nervous but bringing their best energy and love for each other they embraced the surroundings of rocks, and logs and water and enjoyed an adventure together. Every so often we would look over and see Bella and Eva wrapped in blankets and chit chatting away. Of course that sight would warm any mother’s heart!
By the end of the session they were asking for a sleep over and exchanging text messages and a new friendship was made.
I often realize my business is not just a business…it’s a curator of relationships…sometimes the most unlikely. When nerves and being uncomfortable can often stop us from reaching out…it is amazing what happens when we step out.
Chris, Tina and Bella…3 more reasons I love what I do. I love your energy, your sincerity, the trust you put in me, and your love for each other.
SOOOO looking forward to your September wedding!