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Weeks of planning and maneuvering plans (aka lying to Jessica)...Adam was able to pull of a huge surprise for the love of his life. With plans to go to Jazz Alley he suggested a rooftop view at her parents condo prior to their date night. I mean celebrating 4 years since their first date is a big deal.
What is also a big deal is proposing!! Not only was she completely caught off guard by him popping the question...but to be gifted his great Grandmothers 'GG's' ring, followed by a party with a ton of their friends and family, Jessica was in awe to say the least. Jessica's mom, Lauri Sanford Bingham was certainly in cahoots on the whole thing concocting many stories...and after the whirlwind started to soak in Jessica piped up and asked 'So are there really no Jazz tickets!!??'
Perplexed that this was all really just for her and planned by her sweet Adam...she was thrilled...beaming with her beautiful, infectious smile...and of course she said YES!!!
Congratualations you two...what an amazing evening it was !!