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Having lived here for quite sometime now I must admit I have never been up to Diablo Lake so when Stephanie and Troy suggested it for their engagement photos I was up for the adventure!! The whole drive there the weather was schitzophrenic but once we arrived the sun was out and the view was beautifully clear. Stephanie may have almost blown off the cliff but at least Troy was there to hang onto her. I just kept telling Stephanie that windblown hair is the ‘messy sexy’ look and I totally think she rocked it.
Having dated 4 years and Troy having cooked many a steak for Stephanie…they are ready to say I DO in August! These two are easy going and were thrilled to finally have some photos together as they haven’t really taken the time to do anything quite like this.
We roamed from Diablo Lake all the way down the North Cascades Hwy jumping out randomly (of course with the car stopped) and finding different areas to shoot. Jumping over ‘authorized personal only’ signs, climbing on broken down trees with dogs barking in the background, cars honking as they drove by…it all makes it worthwhile.
Stephanie had her hair and makeup done which wow…made her eyes pop. It was hard to get Troy to stop staring at her and hey I get it…she kind of has a Sarah Jessica Parker ‘ish’ look to her. I loved her willingness to change on the side of the road and embrace being flexible. Troy was fabulous too but gosh guys have it easy when it comes to outfit changes!
I love the way you two embrace and can handle each other despite the real wind or the wind life throws at you. I must say I did miss Rosie but maybe next time she’ll make an appearance in some pics.
Thanks for being adventurous it was a perfect day!