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One kid, 2 kids, 3 kids...well not all from with the same family. Karin & Jen are sisters and I have been photographing them for quite some time now. Each with their own families and babies I have had the honor of documenting the growth and personalities of these little ones.
Audrey (3) and Lyla who is turning 1 this coming weekend and their cousin Weston (2) braved the chilly wind and finally ended up warming up with a cake smash in studio.
You can tell these 3 do play together often and are used to be together. Audrey is definitely the mama bear and is great at showing the other kids how to smile!
I also have to give credit to the parents who trusted me with an under the freeway, random side of the road location to start.
I have photographed Karin & Adam since they were engaged so they are kind of used to it...but gosh the wind on Saturday could have swept us all away!
Much love and Happy Birthday to Lyla!

Cake by Simply Sweet Cupcakes