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YOU are gonna wanna scroll through these cause midway there is a surprise you DO NOT want to miss.
Having met at work Felicity was completely unteriHaving met at work Felicity was completely uninterested in Eric. Maybe that is why he was so persistent. Leaving her notes and continually asking her out…all the while Felicity standing firm with her gentle ‘NO’. Eric was never derailed. He was consistent until the day she finally said YES. I think he was enamored with her freckles…I mean who wouldn’t be…they are AMAZING!
Felicity finally humored Eric and to her surprise she kinda liked him. They each had a dog…they laughed when they were together….’hmmmm this may just be something’ she thought. AND…it was.
They have dated for a while, changed jobs- so they no longer work together, and have moved in together combining their loves, Shawn and Segar.
Eric had big plans when he was going to propose…dinner, a night out, but when he arrived home Felicity was under the weather on the couch. Eric being the focused guy he is, was undeterred. Although Felicity was coughing and sneezing, Eric pulled out the ring and asked her to be forever his. She blew her nose and said and emphatic ‘YES’…that is true love. In sickness and in health…
It always makes me laugh when people say ‘Good luck making us not look awkward in our photos’…and then I laugh again when they get their photos back and say ‘WOW we don’t look awkward how did you do that?’ It is the greatest compliment. I think the key with these two is,awkward or not, they laugh together…and easily. Felicity is natural and beautiful and has this laugh that is contagious. And Eric…well he is just simply funny in his own right…so they are the perfect pair.
We did their photos at the beach and although a lot of beaches around here are rocky not sandy…Eric did a great job pulling Felicity along (pulling was my compromise as I told him he was going to have to skip). As we sauntered down the beach we looked over only to find a harp up on the hill. Interesting… so of course we had to check it out.
We climbed up the side of the hill to find a girl playing her harp in the bushes…I think she was having a video made but that didn’t seem to stop us from asking (and her being so kind) to let us photograph Eric playing her harp. Before I knew it he whipped off his shirt and he and Felicity were setup by the harp. Eric was ecstatic…this finally convinced him that engagement photos were worth while. Although this may not be my typical photo…it was so much fun to be spontaneous and so kind of this gal to let us interrupt her.
Eric and Felicity I can tell you are nothing short of FABULOUS-NESS. Full of surprises and way more comfortable in front of the camera than you give yourself credit for.
I cannot wait for their wedding at Green Gates in Snohomish with Tamara Nicole as your wedding coordinator.