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It was New Years Eve only 3 years ago, Statton stole Kailey's number our of her bosses phone just so he could make his move. Her boss just so happened to be Statton's roommate so it was a bit easier than what might think!
After a few years of dating and Statton finding the perfect ring...well ok maybe his mom 'suggesting' what the perfect ring was...Kailey & Statton are engaged. They are tying the knot August 13th and couldn't be more excited!
They love the outdoors! Fishing, boating, snowboarding and anything woodsy. It was incredible to have such a gorgeous January day in the PNW so we made the most of it, we found a few rustic areas and ended up having a lot of fun! These two laugh easily together and I am looking fwd to their end of summer/ fall wedding! Congrats you two! 01.09.16