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I am lucky enough to have clients that got married in winter!! More importantly they want to celebrate each anniversary with a photography session!
This year we met at their new home in Snoqualmie that they are so happy to be settled in. Along with their dog Simon, we roamed some nearby areas. Simon has bone cancer so they don't know how much longer he will be with them so we celebrated him too. He had a bit of his own private photoshoot as well. I have to say their dog is one of the most beautiful I have seen. A lot of hair but big hair is in!
Both Theresa and Michael frequent Etsy shops often, so it only seemed fitting to find gifts for each other there. Michael, in celebration of their 2nd year anniversary gifted Theresa a 'cotton' rose and she gifted him a watch.
Theresa's good friend Bri joined us for a few photos and assisted in helping fix wardrobe mishaps and carrying coats...kinda glad there was no behind the scenes pics yesterday as I was sewing up Theresa's dress wink emoticon
Timaree did Theresa's hair and makeup and of course she looked as gorgeous as ever. You two are awesome to be around. Thank you for inviting me into your home and sharing Simon with me, even just for a moment! 01.03.16