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So I have to admit I never quite know how a session with Miss Eloise will go. I swear she likes me although I know by looking at the first few photos you may question that. I will venture to say she likes me but not my as I crouched in the bushes for a lot of photos and used a ton of bribes that were epic finally worked. Mini cupcakes!! Eloise and Lorraine both took to those cupcakes, paper and all and it was the perfect mix of smiles, distraction and sisterly love (if smashing a cupcake in your 9 mos. old sisters mouth is love)!
I actually adore sessions like get truly authentic emotion and exactly who these girls are at this age. It's not about 'cheese' or the perfect's about them being them!! Thank you Alicia and Andy for embracing exactly who your girls are...and for Lorraine being so patient as she sat in the grass and waited while I chased Eloise around with that number 3. I feel like a 'normal' parent! 05.22.15