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It was 2001 and when they had their first run in. Just an encounter that at the time was a passing by. Fast forward 10 years to 2010 and paths crossed again! Now after dating for 6 years Erik popped the question on a stormy day at Canon Beach. As the rain started and they were running back to their condo, Erik ceased the moment and asked Elaine to be his forever date. Of course without hesitation she said yes...her diamond is as special as she is. A unique yellow diamond she had requested but didn't think she'd actually get. Erik listened and she got the ring she loves as well as the man!
I can't wait for their wedding at Within Sodo next April.
I love that we did their pics at the Locks in Ballard...what a pretty area and incorporating their 'kids' Brody & Piper was a treat!
So much love to you both...