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Day in and day out Mike would notice Tameron. It didn't take long for a romance to develop even if it was at work (George Orthodontics). Of course starting as friends but having in their first date in town at a local restaurant they soon became each others confidante and in May, they will become partners for life. They are restoring an old barn on their property as well as constantly working on home improvements. Tameron has an eye for design and why not gather items for the wedding that you can also include in your home decor. Mike & Tameron are very sweet to be around. A tad bit shy but as we roamed the property I slowly heard stories of their restoration plans, their dogs, chickens and how Mike proposed by the creek. As they shared they both relaxed and I love how they laugh together. Life isn't always easy but these two have found it is definitely more enjoyable together. Can't wait for their May wedding at JM Cellars with planning by EVENTful Moments!!