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Where to start...this is so not about me and yet it resonates with me so much.
3 years ago these two said I DO...and I have been so lucky to photograph them every year since. Theresa often has a vision that inspires me and I am always grateful she trusts me.
Marriage is tough and we often hit bumps we 'know' we are going to hit AND somehow they still manage to surprise us. Through it all distance can often bring us closer together and when giving your partner space, it can, in someways, invite you in.
Seems like an oxymoron and yet marriage is two very different humans trying to mesh their lives intimately together. Difficult and beautiful all at the same time.
We decided since it wasn't raining when we started to take in a local area before heading to the snow. With Theresa's zipper breaking before we even began, we knew it was going to be an adventurous shoot.
We finished before the rain started and headed up the mountains...of course rain turned to snow and having done a snow shoot for them right after their wedding, why not do it again.
This time they brought their new 'pup' Gibbs. With their previous dog, Simon, a beautiful malamute passing away early this year it was a nice memory to make with their new 'kid'. Theresa also got a new tattoo, of Simon, on her right forearm!! I must admit I love her artwork!!
It was wet and cold and I have to say I always have these grand ideas to try to execute and even if they didn't all happen due to the elements I not only love these photos but that these two are up for anything and such lovely genuine people!
Life is definitely a journey, with many storms and cold weather...stick's worth it!
Thanks to Timaree Rae for hair & makeup! Bomb always!