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Her dimples make him smile. His beard makes her laugh. Kendra never thought she would meet someone like Ryan. Having been on some terrible blind dates she refused to be setup or participate in online dating any longer. Ryan's mom would come into Starbucks where Kendra used to work and one day said 'oh my you have to meet my son'. Flattered, Kendra kindly declined as she did not want to ruin her friendship she had with her customer.
Susan set them up anyway and Kendra was shocked. Not only did Ryan show up but he was sweet, and genuine and even called her the next day! He soon fell in love with Kendra and her 4 year old son Atticus.
They had their wedding at Hidden Meadows and we dodged the rain most of the day. They each have a ton of friends and support so having a big bridal party made the day extra special and fun! Lots of personality!!!
Kendra and Ryan are expecting a new addition to their family in late summer and couldn't be happier about their expanding family.
I love that Kendra's dress from Laineemeg Bridal came in two pieces. She decided to wear one piece for the ceremony but add the tule overlay for the first look and of course the dancing!
You two are a perfect blend!! Kendra your laugh is infection and your kindess is contagious. Ryan your burley beard suits you perfectly and your smile shines right through it when you look at Kendra.
Enjoy your mini-cation!! More to come!

Hidden Meadows
Tyler Stocker
Simply Sweet Cupcakes
Laineemeg Bridal
Nordstrom Alderwood
Otto-Matic Mobile Music
WhiskeyToo Productions
Brooks Scribner - Second Photographer
Special thanks to Darla Croft Halverson for wedding coordination, decor and flowers