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All I can say about this family is super duper special!! After losing her husband, Andy, to cancer less than 8 months ago, Carrie wanted to capture some new moments with her children. Hailey {7} & Dylan {4} are full of life and joy. I see how they look at their mom and have fun with each other, its inspirational considering all they have gone through. Carrie exudes such strength and courage, not only being a newly single mom but running their business 'Halo Construction'. In the past month she has also coordinated a golf tournament in honor of Andy, and put a team together for the Relay for Life. I look at her in such admiration and am completely honored that she would have me be part of capturing these memories for them. As we walked and snapped photos here and there she shared some of her story with me, and although I know there is much more to the story my heart feels for her deeply. She has an amazing way about her and is truly beautiful inside & out! 04.13.11